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We offer the finest removable prosthesis available utilizing the state of the art SR Ivocap Heat Curing Injection System. This system ensures consistent polymerization and minimal shrinkage which provides your patient a prosthesis with precision fit, density, strength and esthetics. Click Here for more information on the SR Ivocap Heat Curing Injection system.


We offer two options to meet your patients specific needs. First is our top of the line Ultra Natural Denture fabricated with Ivoclar Blueline Teeth, which feature dentin and incisal layers to mimic natural dentition better than conventional acrylic denture teeth with exceptional resistance to wear. Second is our Premium Natural Denture using standard acrylic teeth such as Ivoclar or Vita Teeth. Both dentures are fabricated using the Ivocap Injection System, the only difference is the selection of teeth.


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